Module 4 Digital Literacies: How to see technology as your friend not foe?

Last updated: May 6, 2021


Are digital technologies diluting learning? Considering the exponential growth of digital-based learning solutions, have we reached the age of edutainment? Will digital-based solutions replace teachers/educators/trainers? What are the pros and cons of resorting to digital technologies in the classroom and for adult education purposes at large? Ultimately, are digital technologies friends or foes? And how to take the most of digital technologies when the aim is to achieve high-quality, inclusive, and accessible learning ecosystems?

Although we are aware that these questions are complex and do not have straightforward answers, the purpose of this module is precisely to tackle these pressing issues.

Throughout the training implementation (devised for both face-to-face and online setting), both practitioners and adult learners are going to enhance their understanding regarding the usefulness and potential benefits of digital technologies for adults’ education and training.


∙Digital technology

∙Adults education and training

∙Lifelong learning

∙Digital competence


Digital technologies are not only indispensable to our societies and daily life but can also be powerful and engaging tools for learning and teaching purposes.