Module 2 Digital Literacies: how to teach in flux?

Last updated: May 6, 2021


The world is a complex place. From global inequality, to climate disasters and now a global pandemic. People’s lives are being drastically changed. Many are now being forced to work from home, mind children and for some attempt homeschooling. For those involved in education, this is no different. Educators in the field of literacy learning are now increasingly being asked to be research collaborators; agents of innovation; facilitators of learning; techno-pedagogues whilst taking a keen interest in the personal development of the learner.

One of the most powerful forces changing teachers’ and learners’ role in education is technology, and now added to this a global pandemic. This module will discuss and discover the ways in which teachers’ roles have changed, particularly in the field of literacy learning and how participants are adapting and rising to these challenges. This module will recognise the important role educators have in supporting their learners to explore critically the world in which they live and provide opportunities for their learners to engage in the creation of a more just, fair and sustainable planet. It will explore key education models such as Global Citizenship Education and highlight digital literacy models such as the Pegrum Model.

Will you take on the challenge of educating for a better tomorrow?


Lifelong Learning, Global Citizenship Education, Sustainable Development Goals


 Digital Literacy education offers learners the opportunity to contribute to a more fair, just and sustainable world.