UNIT 1.2. Case study

Title The Digital Age Project
Purpose or aim
The Digital Age Project is an initiative that focuses on the promotion of digital inclusion, particularly with older people in sheltered accommodation.  
The “Digital Age” website hosts resources created by the project that are designed to be used to assist older people and anyone looking to learn more about getting online but also to support those who have digital skills to use them to support learning for others.   The resources consist of “Learning Cards” that are designed to help the users improve their skills in five different areas: a) the use of technology, b) keeping touch via digital tools, c) safety, d) social activities, e) social media platforms.  The website also allows users to design a digital literacy course for others by providing guidance in planning, toolkits for teachers and volunteers.  There are two sections to this site. To access learner cards go to “I want to improve my Digital Literacy” and to support a learner go to “I want to support someone with their Digital Literacy”. 
Benefits of teaching literacies
By getting older people online, “digital literacy” can open up a new world of information, whilst enabling communication, access to services and keeping in touch with others. Participants who have taken part in the project so far have highlighted the benefits of being able to keep in touch with family and friends through email and Skype, shop for the best deals online and pursue hobbies and interests. 
Key lessons learned
The problem with developing a course for digital literacy is that everything changes; another problem is that technology almost always goes wrong in a way you don’t expect. Digital Literacy has to be about resilience and learning how to find solutions for yourself or in helping others. “Learners cards” have moved towards that direction, since they take the form of short activities and rather than providing step-by-step instructions, they provide some basic information and then direct to videos or websites that can offer further support. 
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