UNIT 2.5. Key takeaway

As the world continues to change, educators are now under more pressure than ever to adapt, learn and create new opportunities for engagement with their learners. The world is complex and interconnected. Educators have a role to play in supporting their learners to build empathy and increase their understanding of active citizenship. New digital technologies such as virtual reality and the use of social media are proven to play a central role in education. Educators are encouraged to explore these new technologies and build their capacity to begin including them in their practice.

Challenge: As educators we need to be interested in what we are teaching about. Reflect on one social justice issue you feel passionate about (try and be specific – if it is gender equality, what aspect? Pay Inequality? Gender Based Violence? Inequality regarding Education?). Use a basic internet search to find out some further information. Find one social media account dedicated to that topic that would be appropriate and educational to share with your learners and ask for their input. Start the conversation.