UNIT 4.2. Case study


Assessing Digital Competence


Purpose or aim

The Erasmus+ project Pathways for employ, developed an assessment and accreditation platform based on the DIGCOMP framework, which evaluates key elements of digital competence. Practitioners are recommended to try this test on themselves before using it with learners, to assess their own digital profile. The objective is to raise the practitioner and adult learners’ awareness regarding digital competence and its key role in technology mediated learning.



Before doing the test, which takes about 30 minutes to complete, practitioner and adult learners register on the platform and watch the explanatory video. Practitioner and adult learners check their digital profile and levels for each digital competence, sharing, discussing, and comparing the achieved results. Finally, adult learners can download a digital certificate containing their digital profile based on DIGCOMP. This certificate can be uploaded in the adult learners Europass CV, which can be structured drawing upon the resource Creating my Europass CV, included in the DiLitE Practice Toolkit.


Benefit to teaching literacies

Evaluating the digital competence profile of adult learners is important to align learning objectives and activities with the skills that they already have. In addition, the discussion on the achieved results concurs to identify areas of improvement, which will be beneficial to foster the awareness regarding the learning pathways required to boost adult learners’ digital literacy skills.


Key lessons learned

To implement the test, access to a digital device with internet connection is key. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that adult learners who are still unable to access and use digital technologies are not left behind.