2.3.2. Second video- based discussion

Description of the video (125 characters max.):

“Education for Global Citizenship: Seth Leighton at Tedx BKK”

Seth Leighton (CEO of Envoys) discusses how educators can develop global citizenship in students through high-quality experiential learning programmes.

Questions for Reflection (These can be asked before watching the video or afterwards)

Having watched the video or before watching the video (delete as required), pose at least 3 reflective questions for the teacher to consider based on the content of the video:

1.As an educator, do you feel that traditional literacy classes are enough to prepare students for the world in which we live?

2.Do you utilize experiential learning in your practice? (If yes, in what way? If no, what are the reasons/the obstacles?)

3.Do you feel that it is important to develop global competent learners?