3.3.2. Second video- based discussion

Description of the video (125 characters max.):

“Re-inventing Education for the Digital Age” – David Middelbeck explains how technology and education has evolved, how digital has affected the jobs in the market, how we communicate amongst other factors. He presents some very interesting questions on how those who lack the skills to adapt to these rapid changes are left behind while technology races ahead. He also comments on ‘the old world versus the new world’ regarding education and the shift to digital. He highlights how other areas of society have changed and evolved while education has fallen behind.

Questions for Reflection (These can be asked before watching the video or afterwards)

Having watched the video or before watching the video (delete as required), pose at least 3 reflective questions for the teacher to consider based on the content of the video:

  1. Do you think education is up to date with technology? Have educational resources and platforms evolved with technology?
  2. Do you think the 3 principles relating to a “learning accelerator” as the speaker suggests are accurate and they could work practically in your opinion? What challenges can you think of?
  3. How can education shift and adapt using the new digital resources to adapt to our evolving society.