4.4.3 Activity 3

Description of the Learning Activities


Timing (minutes)

Materials/ Equipment Required

This activity, based upon the “Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire” developed by the Penn State University, aims at fostering the adult learner reflexiveness regarding the skills and competences required to be successful when enrolling in an online course


Beforehand, the practitioner adapts the questionnaire script to fit the needs of the adult learners.

The practitioner can choose to deliver the questionnaire in paper, in digital format, or resort to an online survey (Gform, SurveyMonkey, or other)

The practitioner explains the activity to the adult learners, providing them with 20 to 25 minutes to fill in the questionnaire.

The practitioner assesses the achieved results, providing general feedback to the group considering the following topics: academic competencies; technical competencies; access to resources and guidance; online interaction and netiquette (15 to 20 minutes).


PC, tablet, or smartphone with internet connection

Pen and paper to take notes

Classroom or paper board and markers

The “Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire” by Penn State University, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License is available at: Link


The practitioner shares the file/link of the questionnaire with the adult learners in advance. To make the most of the session, the practitioner asks the adult learners to fill in the survey and to share the achieved results with the practitioner beforehand.

The practitioner assesses the achieved results, providing group or individual feedback.