5.4.1. Multimodality – making meaning in many ways

Description of the Learning Activities


Timing (minutes)

Materials/ Equipment Required

You will first need to teach or elicit a few emotion/feeling words appropriate to the group,  e.g. happy, sad, angry, tired, calm.

Learners then try to express these through a range of modes: e.g. 

∙A drawing or photograph

∙A sound or piece of music

∙A word (that makes them feel this, or that they associate with the feeling)

∙Taste (an item of food or drink)

∙Anything else!

Learners can then – try to guess what emotions other learners’ choices represent /  produce class collages for each emotion /  


This activity works best if learners can access the internet on mobile devices to find the relevant items that represent their choices


Mobile devices/flipchart paper for collages.


Learners can hold up their chosen items to the camera for other to guess what they represent – and they could be asked to find particular items around the house (e.g. an object that makes you happy or that communicates happiness).

Learners can produce a collage of their choices online, using padlet, Google Docs or similar.


Real items (realia)