5.4.2. Multilingualism: Stepping Stones 

Description of the Learning Activities


Timing (minutes)

Materials/ Equipment Required

This activity is taken from the Our Languages website referred to above. Instructions can be found here: (Link). The final writing stage should be adapted for learners with very low literacy.

If working online, try to include as much general conversation as possible – so you can turn follow on activity 2 into a conversation before asking learners to write.


Use the statements as cut out ‘stepping stones’ on paper as suggested in the plan.


Paper cut out statements.


Turn this into a speaking/ showing activity.   Once you have a list of your learners’ languages, send each language as a separate text to the learners listed in chat, or write on an online site such as Zoom, Padlet or Jamboard. Then read out the statements (plus show them). Ask learners to answer orally, and hold up the relevant text on their phone. You could also ask stronger learners to write their answer into a shared  document/board/ padlet.