5.4.3. Digital Diversity

Description of the Learning Activities


Timing (minutes)

Materials/ Equipment Required

This activity – taken from the DiLitE IO3 resource pack –  encourages learners to engage with a theme in different ways according to their personal digital preferences. It is an especially useful approach to use in conjunction with projects or participatory  learning, where learners may be setting their own goals and outcomes,  and where learners may be engaged in different tasks from each other, rather than all working on the same exercise or activity.


Ask learners to each choose an app they particularly enjoy using: this could be anything from a camera phone, to YouTube, to text-messaging. Group or pair learners who have chosen the same (or very similar) apps.

Choose (or learners choose) a theme or topic (for example ‘Where we live’),  and ask learners to capture, or produce some output with their chosen app that relates to the theme  or topic (For example, a YouTube  playlist relating to the place,  a series of photographs or a film they have taken of favourite locations,  or text-message opinions on the place).

 Ask groups to share their outputs and try to find links between them.  Can they group them in any way?

Build a display – digital or physical – that collects everyone’s outputs into a thematic exhibition and agree how to share this.


Learners digital devices


Very little adaptation needed – probably best done asynchronously over a set period, rather than in one session.


Learners’ digital devices