6.4.2 Activity 2

Description of the Learning Activities


Timing (minutes)

Materials/ Equipment Required

Learners will effectively develop digital literacy through literacy storytelling activities, for example, using technological tools including cameras, microphones and video editing software.




This activity is adapted from:

Chan, B.S., Churchill, D. and Chiu, T.K., 2017. Digital literacy learning in higher education through digital storytelling approach. Journal of International Education Research (JIER)13(1), pp.1-16.


This activity could be a continuation of the topic explored in the previous activity, or a different one.

Learners will firstly be separated  into groups of 3-4 people. Each group will need to create a story based on the topic under discussion in literacy teaching by using the storyboard methodology (storyboard drawing and script writing) –  20 minutes

As a next step the team will need to collect photos that will be  featuring the storytelling (they can use Google – Images).

Next the team should use a recording app through their computer to record the different voices/characters of their script. Each photo will need to have one recorded file.

One suggested tool for creating their storyboard can be Movie Maker. The participants will need to put the photos collected in order, then match the audio document file with the selected photo.

The team can add text/subtitles to their storyboard.

Finally the team will publish their work as a .mp4 document on their desktop and share with the rest of the participants.


Computer or Laptop per team

Movie Maker

Instructions on how to use the application on computer:


Voice Recorder

Instructions on how to use the application on computer:



The activity can take place through an online platform (ZOOM, Microsoft Teams) where the team members can cooperate and talk at a virtual class.


The instructions for completing each step of the activity can be shared with participants through google forms.


A demonstration of how Movie Maker works at its basic functions can be made through share  screen/ presentation mode.


Instructions on how to share files from Google Drive